Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Aistear - Humpty Dumpty

We started Aistear this week - this is learning through play.

Our first theme is Humpty Dumpty and the King's Castle. 
Our key vocabulary is: castle, king, queen, prince, princess, Your Majesty, king's men, knight, horse, throne, kitchen, dining room, ball room, bedroom, walls, tower, flag, stable, sword, shield, crown, trumpet, cleaning, working, guarding, serving.
The children are encouraged to use this language in their play areas.

Construction Area - building a castle, stables, walls, rivers etc.

 Literacy & Maths Area - putting Humpty Dumpty back together again

 Role play area - The King's Castle

 Creative area - drawing maps of The King's Castle

Small World Area - The King's Castle

Here are some pictures from Week 2 of the theme. We had two new stations -
Maths: we worked on patterns - we used pegs to design the floor of the ballroom, we coloured the Kings crown and the wall in colour patterns, we sorted the Princess' teddy bears and made patterns.
Writing: we used playdough and magnetic letters to make words from our theme. We wrote invitations to the King and Queen's Ball. 

Note for parents: If the children have any resources that may suit the theme, it would be great to borrow them for the fortnight please. All resources will be noted and returned following the theme.

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