Monday, 23 November 2015

Aistear: The Supermarket

We started a new theme today for Aistear - the Supermarket. We watched this video and then talked about the items we can get in a supermarket.

Here we are in our play stations.

Construction Area
We build a supermarket. We make sure to include aisles, sections, a checkout, a carpark etc.  One supermarket even had escalators!! 

Playdough Area
We make items for the supermarket.  We fill the shopping baskets with food and other items.  We make playdough numbers on the till.

Table Top Area
We have a great game called 'Shopping List' to play. We find the items on our shopping list and put them in our basket/trolley.

Writing Area
We are writing shopping lists.

Role Play Area
We take on the roles of cashier, customer and butcher.  The shelves must be organised first - we place the items in the correct sections. We add price tags.

Maths Area
 The teddy bears are having a picnic. We place the 9 bears in various ways at the picnic table - there are lots of different ways to make 9.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Aoife's Visit

As part of our work on China, our friend Aoife visited our classroom today to talk to us about China. Aoife was born in Ireland but lived in China for 5 years. We had lots of questions to ask her.

Here are some things we learned:
  • Aoife uses chopsticks and a spoon to eat her dinner. She showed us how to use chopsticks. She likes noodles.
  • She lived in the countryside in China - there were shops nearby and sometimes, markets.
  • She saw a skyscraper when she visited the city.
  • She didn't wear a school uniform in China but they did wear a red tie.
  • The children sit with their hands crossed in front of them at school
  • She can speak Chinese - we learned how to say 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'thank you'.
  • She talked to us about the Chinese New Year, a big celebration in China...and about dragons and lanterns. They decorate lanterns with pictures.
  • We learned that they don't celebrate Halloween, Christmas or Easter in China.
  • She talked to us about the Chinese flag - it is red with 5 yellow stars.
  • She never saw a giant panda or a red panda although they live in China. 

Thank you Aoife for being so kind and coming to talk to us and Georgina for coming along too!! 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

This is the Bear

We are reading the story 'This is the Bear' this week.

Listen and read the story at home too!

We worked in pairs to put the story in order.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Monday, 9 November 2015

Aistear - The Chinese Restaurant

This fortnight our Aistear theme is 'The Chinese Restaurant'. We did lessons on China and Food and are using our vocabulary in our play stations.

Playdough Area
We are busy making food for a restaurant. We are doing the number 8 in Maths and some of us chose to make sets of 8 carrots, cakes, buns etc. Noodles and rice are a popular choice as these are for the Chinese restaurant.
Today's group worked together to make a fabulous cake, complete with icing and sprinkles. Yummy!

Table Top Area

We have a fun game called 'Tummy Ache' to play. The aim of the game is to get 5 foods for your dinner. We have to watch out for the 'unsafe' food with bugs, flies etc. - they make us shout tummy ache!!! We name the foods as we look at them. We know it is important to take turns in this group so that the game is fair.

Writing Area
We are designing menus for the restaurant. We use our best writing, drawing and colouring to make our menus look great.

Role Play Area
The Chinese Restaurant is busy this week. We take on roles of host(ess), waiter (ress), chef and customer.  The restaurant is beautifully decorated with our paper lanterns.

Construction Area
We looked at pictures of the Chinese cities and landscape. The houses in China look different to ours especially the roofs. We are planning and building mountains, hills, houses and skyscrapers. We even tried 'The Great Wall of China' - a very long wall!!!!!!

Creative Area
In our 2nd week, we made pandas.  We looked at posters, books and videos of the panda. When we finished our art work, we wrote some sentences about the panda.

'Made in China'
Whilst playing, one of us noticed our clipboards are made in China. We learned that there are lots of factories in China and we are going to look at our toys and clothes at home to see if any of them were made in China.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Five Little Pandas

We are learning about the Panda Bear this week as part of our lessons on China. We had fun singing and doing actions for the song 'Five Little Pandas'.