Monday, 23 November 2015

Aistear: The Supermarket

We started a new theme today for Aistear - the Supermarket. We watched this video and then talked about the items we can get in a supermarket.

Here we are in our play stations.

Construction Area
We build a supermarket. We make sure to include aisles, sections, a checkout, a carpark etc.  One supermarket even had escalators!! 

Playdough Area
We make items for the supermarket.  We fill the shopping baskets with food and other items.  We make playdough numbers on the till.

Table Top Area
We have a great game called 'Shopping List' to play. We find the items on our shopping list and put them in our basket/trolley.

Writing Area
We are writing shopping lists.

Role Play Area
We take on the roles of cashier, customer and butcher.  The shelves must be organised first - we place the items in the correct sections. We add price tags.

Maths Area
 The teddy bears are having a picnic. We place the 9 bears in various ways at the picnic table - there are lots of different ways to make 9.

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