Monday, 25 January 2016

Aistear - Healthy Habits

'Healthy Habits' is our Aistear theme this fortnight.

Table Top Area
We are playing the Healthy Lunch Box Game. 
The first to fill their lunch box with six healthy foods wins!!  

Roleplay Area - The Gym
  Exercise is very important. 
We have become gym members and are keeping active!

Recipe Area
We are making healthy smoothies. We peel and chop fruit, add yogurt and blend.

Construction Area
We are building a gym or items relating to keeping healthy! 

Writing Area
 We are writing about healthy habits. 
We use whiteboards and markers, magnetic letters and pencils and writing sheets.

Junk Art
  We are being very creative. We design and make anything we want using the materials provided e.g. toilet rolls, cardboard, paper, styrofoam, egg boxes, scissors, glue, pencils, crayons

Playdough Area
We are making gym equipment, fruits for Handas basket.  We are doing Time in Maths and are making playdough hands for the clocks.

Maths Area
 We are playing Maths games based on Time.

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