Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Autumn Walk

Autumn is here. We went on an autumn walk and took a record of the signs of autumn around us.
In Visual Arts, we printed some leaves on our Autumn trees. We wrote sentences about Autumn in our best handwriting!


We are working on our sounds and our middle sounds, especially. Starfall is a nice website that we have been looking at. 

Theme: Our Local Area

The whole school is working on the theme of 'Our Local Area'. We have learned alot about the geography and history of our town and local area. We have brought the theme into our Aistear this past fortnight.

Role-Play Area
We take on roles of people at work in our local area. We are focusing on the doctor's surgery, vets surgery and hairdressers in particular.

Construction Area
The busy builders are building buildings and facilities in our local area. We constructed swimming pools, hotels, football pitches, playgrounds etc.

Computer Area
We played a game called 'Job Mixer'. We read a clue to guess the job and we had to dress the person in the correct uniform.

Job Mixer Game

Map Area
We looked at Google Maps to see the street view of our town. We also learned about a 'bird's eye' view. We made a map using either view. We included lots of the buildings in our local area. We did a fantastic job!

Small World Area
We went into role as people at work in our local area.

Writing Area
We wrote about a person at work in our local area.

Playdough Area
We used our Aistear Word Wall for ideas for our playdough creations. Can you guess what they are?

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Aistear: The School

Our first Aistear theme is 'The School', linking with our overall school theme of 'Our Local Area'. We took a tour of the school to become familiar with rooms, classes, teachers and staff. Our play areas are: 

Role Play Area
We took on the roles of principal, teacher, child, parent, secretary, SNA, lollipop person, caretaker etc. It was interesting to see all the action that takes place in a school. 

Construction Area
We learned about 'bird's eye view' and we drew maps and made school buildings using a birds eye view. We showed great team work. 



Playdough Area
Our creations ranged from pencils to schoolbags, paint palettes to tables and chairs and carparks to security cameras!! 

Small World Area
We went into role as members of our school community.

Writing Area
We made a list of items we use at school on our 'school bag' templates.

Creative Area
We decorated our names with colours.